It’s not a program

It’s your program


With our tailor-made venture development, we tailor our support to your specific company needs.

Tailor-made for your team

Founders in our program work with our team, learn from other founders and have access to our digital platforms of connections and tools. We support teams with seeking venture capital, building traction, gaining market experience, hiring, balancing mental health, perfecting pitches and much more. After the program, APX will remain a part of the journey for guidance, connections and often follow-on financing rounds.

The APX Financial Deal

We support founders with an investment of EUR 50K in exchange for a five percent stake.





Our network includes business angels, VCs, founders and entrepreneurs. With a network of over 10,000+ of our most influential contacts, you’ll always have access to people that will help shape your startup. We will match you with mentors (experienced entrepreneurs) and experts (specialists in specific fields) to support you during and even after the 100-day program.

A 10,000 Strong Network


We have tons of fantastic mentors in our network who will be there to support you. Click here to see more mentors.


Anna Rojahn


Brian O’Connor


Jewell Sparks

Rocket Internet

Philipp Klöckner


Ramzi Rizk

Independent Consultant

Dagmar Bottenbruch



During the pandemic, all our campus activities are kept online, but we still provide free office space to all new teams joining APX at our brand new premises in Berlin (Kreuzberg/Mitte), Europe’s hotspot for aspiring founders.


We have weekly events for you to join. During the pandemic, all events are kept online, but we still do panel discussions, meet-ups, and our weekly Pitch Tuesday competition. Follow us on Meetup or Linkedin to stay up to date and RSVP to our next event.

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