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What We Offer

Investing More Than Just Money

Investor ready in 100 days

The APX program is where founding teams get the tools and support they need to build traction and drive growth. In 100 days, we connect you with experienced experts and mentors, who’ll assist you with perfecting pitches, looking for venture capital, or hiring CTOs, marketing experts, and more.

Training and Coaching

Helping startups get their next round of investment is what the APX program is built around. At its core is pitch training, where teams learn to give concise and compelling presentations, and investor readiness coaching, run by an experienced venture developer. They help founders develop a roadmap of significant milestones that stand between them and their next financing round.

A Productive Environment

For 100 days, you’ll work in a stimulating and productive coworking environment alongside other startups in the program. Our three-floor office includes plenty of space for quiet, focused work as well as open, collaborative interaction. As well as weekly standup meetings, we hold networking events and workshops together.

Continued Support

As investors, our interest in the success and growth of our portfolio companies extends beyond the duration of the program. Once the 100 days are up, founding teams are free to use our coworking space for an additional three months – we’ll cover the costs. They then become members of our portfolio, receiving continued support through workshops and events.

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