Oliver Koch-Pahl

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Hi Jörg,


I really enjoyed the read. It’s a great path indicator and guideline for everybody – not just startups with a vision. I think it’s important that, even as an investor and mentor, you’re always aware of the mindset and status of startups on their journeys. So you’re creating the right touch points for them.


Perhaps this is the key to having discussions on the same level and giving every startup’s vision the best possible push. Questioning yourself again and again is an important step to shaping the personality you will someday become – and that’s basically the same in business. Get ready for ongoing change, don’t miss the exit on the business highway, and focus on your goals and vision.


One additional topic from my side would be that startups should think about their target customers and partners very early, as well as the processes they’ll need to get them onboard quickly and in the best possible way. For example, you have a B2B solution and are targeting a large corporation that’s using SAP. It’s essential to understand their APIs and integration needs. After all, overcoming an existing structure in a large corporation just won’t happen – no matter how high quality the startup’s solution is.


It speeds up integration when that time comes and the valuation might be higher too, because the distance to economic success is much shorter.


Looking forward to great ideas, visions…and APX turbo power execution!




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