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The APX Network

People are at the core of everything we do

The APX program is built with our network at its core, from investors and partners to mentors and coaches. During the program, they share their collective knowledge and unique experience of entrepreneurship, business, and startup-building. Thanks to them, we’re able to offer founding teams the highest level of support and advice.

Here are some of the key people you’ll meet during the APX program.


We have a broad network of investors in all stages, verticals, and technologies. One of the key opportunities to connect investors and founders is investor day, when teams pitch their startups to a room of business angels and venture capitalists.


By partnering with big-name tech companies, we are able to provide founders and startup teams with exclusive discounts on software and services.


Founding teams on the APX program work with several mentors across their 100 days. This takes the form of both individual sessions and full days, where teams meet multiple mentors. Mentors are entrepreneurs themselves and share their knowledge and experience of the startup journey.


Hand-picked from various industries, top-tier specialists share their expertise with APX program startups. They offer focus sessions, workshops, and talks into marketing, comms, business modelling, and more.

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