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Build traction and drive growth with the 100-day APX program

We help early-stage startups meet the right people, grow in value, and create jobs. In 100 days, they’ll get the tools and support they need to take their destiny into their own hands. The APX program has a rolling, monthly intake with no application deadline.

APX connects startups with Porsche, Axel Springer, and 200+ network companies.

Florian Grüning
Co-Founder and CEO

“Before we started the APX program, I thought the biggest value would be the invested dollar and free office space. It took just one day to realise that the biggest value is the APX team challenging us, bringing structure, and leveraging ideas with their contacts. The workshops provided are top quality and cannot be compared to any startup workshop I’ve attended through the university or other events.”

Jonas Vossler
Co-Founder and CEO

“APX quickly brought us up to speed with communicating our idea effectively to all kinds of stakeholders. Through coaching and daily practice opportunities, we were able to zoom in on our value proposition and present our story in a much more crisp way within just a few days.”

What we’re looking for

We invest in fearless and diverse founding teams with ambitious digital ideas and global aspirations. With our broad, cross-industry focus, we are looking for companies from a wide range of verticals and segments and with all kinds of business models.

We are looking for startup teams with skill, a vision, and shared core values to join the 100-day APX program.

Our Deal

We offer €50,000 for 5% equity, for well-rounded founding teams with scalable, digital startup ideas. Our 100 days program focuses heavily on getting startups ready to land their next round of investment on terms favourable to them.

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