About Pukket:


Pukket is on a mission to make social media a more authentic and rewarding place for all. The 3 billion people on social media platforms such as Instagram are the ones who are giving it life and they need to be recognised for the value they bring to the table. Pukket rewards people for their social media posts with brand voucher.


We’re on a mission to disrupt the social media industry by making people part of the conversation with brands, not just at the receiving end of it. People are sick of disruptive forced-ads and are adopting ad-blockers in masses. They love authenticity and following their friends and family on social media. We want the digital economy to be democratised for the everyday people so that they’re in charge of their voice, their data and their attention; so that they get rewarded for sharing the brand-experiences they love on social media. Our loyalty point platform rewards brand customers with vouchers every time they share a post on social media.


And it’s not just the people who win, it’s a win-win scenario for people and their favourite brands. Using Pukket, brands can encourage their customers to talk about them on social media, creating authentic word-of-mouth at scale. They reduce their content-creation cost, improve customer loyalty and increase their ROI by 10x.


Having established our presence in the UK market, we’re now looking to expand in Germany and for that we’re now on the lookout for an awesome, positive, energetic and an proactive digital marketing intern to join our team and enhance our presence online in Berlin.


Responsibilities include:


  • Working alongside the marketing team to generate new ideas for social content to drive communications.
  • Writing blog posts (in English) on our website to generate more inbound leads.
  • Exploring different sales channels and finding out the best fit for Pukket.
  • Engaging with Fans and Followers to build relationships with the community and encourage engagement.
  • Monitoring and measuring our progress on social media and on our blog.
  • Liaising with internal stakeholders to relay customer feedback insights gained from online conversations within the community.


Candidate Should:


Having a background in marketing (i.e. a degree or experience of the field) and German language proficiency are preferred, and English language proficiency is mandatory. The internship will be for a period of 3 months and the candidate will have the opportunity to be involved in our German branch in the future.


Our Values:


At Pukket we uphold the three values of 1. Being Friendly, 2. Being Courageous and 3. Being Growth-minded. By being friendly we highlight the importance of teamwork and togetherness at Pukket. We stick out for each other and try to understand everyone in our team. We accept each other for who we are and what we stand for. By being courageous, we’re neither afraid of challenging the status quo nor of trying creative ideas, we’re also proactive in carrying the company forward by going the extra mile in fulfilling what’s in the best interest of Pukket. Finally, we’re growth-minded meaning we all grow together as Pukket grows, both professionally and financially. We’re big advocates of making our early colleagues share our success by offering virtual shares for their participation. Being growth-minded also means that we all pull our weight and take responsibility for our area of work in order to achieve the growth targets we have in mind for Pukket.


If that sounds like you, please apply by sending your CV, Linkedin Profile and a Cover Letter (about how you think you fit at Pukket and any ideas on how you can help it grow) to hey@pukket.com


Fahim Pour, CEO and Co-Founder of Pukket

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