ThisThat have an existing Python backend & Swift iOS app, launched in January 2019. Our mission is to make asking questions fun and rewarding, through a gamified app where people feel their opinions are of worth and the answers they receive can be trusted. We have just joined APX and have the backing of a London VC. We’re looking to grow the tech team through hiring an experienced backend developer.


About You:

You’re an experienced engineer with excellent technical skills. You have spent several years honing your craft and you’re now ready to step up and lead development efforts at an exciting early-stage venture. You are ambitious, a self-starter and eager to make a massive impact as one of the key first hires at ThisThat.


You have a pragmatic yet rigorous mindset – you move quickly, but thoughtfully – you understand the importance of building and testing new features week-on-week whilst also building a scalable product. You understand the constraints of start-up life, and how to make the right trade-offs in pursuit of speed and good execution. You pride yourself on writing clean, elegant, and maintainable code.


You’re process-orientated and have excellent organisational skills, and you’re proactive and opinionated about design decisions.



You will own the back-end services. Your mission is six-fold:


  • Complete the database migration: move ThisThat’s database from Firebase RTDB to Firebase Firestore fully
  • Develop the backend services (database, servers, data migrations, background jobs) to both reach a high-performing infrastructure capable of supporting a smooth UX for tens of thousands of active users and serve the development of many new features.
  • Drive pace, observe and set exacting standards for the technical team
  • Get new versions of the iOS app out every 1-2 weeks – continue to develop the API, help connect it to the app and support the iOS developer.
  • Identify bugs and squash them!
  • Make sure the website is always up to date.


  • 3-5y+ production experience of all stages of development
  • Strong Python skills
  • Strong in delivering app data using web frameworks such as Django, Rails etc.
  • Experience of DevOps tools (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms (AWS, GCP)
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (Firestore, MongoDB)
  • Experience in search solutions such as ElasticSearch


  • 1-2yrs+ experience at a start-up / early-stage business
  • Good Swift skills
  • Engineering/computer science degree or related discipline
  • Experience with core front-end languages such as CSS & HTML
  • Familiarity with Continuous Integration tools, such as CircleCI
  • Familiarity with git-flow branching model
  • Familiarity with Android as well as iOS
  • Interest/experience in Machine Learning
  • Insanely collaborative


For further information please get in touch with Max on: or +44 (0) 7500 948206

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