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How does APX’s Pre-Seed deal look like?
We offer our startups an intense 100-day tailormade program, connections to our vast network of mentors and investors and a 50k (EUR) investment for 5% equity.


What are APX’s investment criteria?
You have to be a complete and complimentary team (at least two founders) with a scalable digital business model. APX is industry-agnostic.

Would we have to move to Berlin?
Yes, we expect from Pre-Seed startups that at least two founders are present in Berlin for the tailormade program.


Is there a deadline by when we would have to apply?
APX has a rolling tailormade program, which starts at the beginning of each month. We would suggest not applying later than six weeks before you want to start.

How many members should our team have?
We are currently not accepting single founders. Your team should consist of at least two people, with a complimentary skill set.


Is it ok that we are not incorporated in Germany?

Yes, because we invest in global companies.


Is it possible to receive investment without joining the 100-day tailormade program?

We believe the program is the core of what we offer to startups, which is why it isn’t possible to receive investment without coming to Berlin.


How long will it take until we can pitch?

If you are pre-selected, you can expect to pitch within four weeks after sending your application.


Will APX cover any accommodation fees?

We currently cannot offer accommodation fees.


Is there an upfront fee to apply to the program?

No, there is no upfront fee to apply. You can apply here.

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