How to Access the Porsche Network

Robert Martin

Porsche is one of the two shareholders of APX and adds some new facets to the network. But not only with its pool of 30,000 employees, the company offers some opportunities for cooperation and support, but also beyond…

  • … with its innovation subsidiary Porsche Digital, which is working on new business models in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, and San Jose
  • … with the consulting outlets MHP and Porsche Consulting, both of whom have interesting customer networks and who themselves manage many “digital projects” from different industries
  • … with their partner network (eg Bose, Michelin, Puma, Microsoft, Lego, ea-sports) to which partly long-standing and intensive relations exist
  • … as part of the VW group – Volkswagen with its 12 group brands covers literally every area of ​​the mobility economy

Of course, in the strategic core of Porsche (and Volkswagen) stands mobility.

Of course, in the strategic core of Porsche (and Volkswagen) stands mobility. In addition, the mentioned players of the network also have to overcome many challenges in other areas. Of course, they also deal with issues in marketing, HR, procurement, IT and so on. So it makes sense to consider the network beyond its mobility focus.

There are several ways to approach this network. For one, use your Porsche Advisor. Talk to him/her directly and ask for advice, to whom you can turn with your specific questions. Let you also gladly connect with the respective contact person via your advisor. That is (unfortunately) no guarantee that it works but can always help.

Clique is a great way to start, especially if you do not know who you really want to talk to. The database is not complete, but the people listed here are certainly open to your concerns.

The geographic center of Porsche is located in the Stuttgart area and is thus far away. But you can visit the “House of mobility” in the Stralauer Allee. In addition to good internet and superb coffee, here are some of the most interesting units from the Porsche network: Porsche Digital and Lab, MHP Lab, Porsche Consulting, FA Studio (Porsche Design), Dynamics (MHP startup program). APX startups can work (temporarily) from here.

Within Porsche, there are so-called “Inno-Managers” in each of the 7 divisions. These people are explicitly responsible for innovation projects and thus also for cooperation with startups. Even if they do not have a suitable project themselves, they are good multipliers and help in finding the right contacts.

Another interesting option is startup events in which Porsche is present. For example, at NOAH, at the Republica or at NextWeb. Further participations are planned in 2019 at the WebSummit in Lisbon and at the Slush in Helsinki. In addition to the option of talking to relevant Porsche colleagues, there are always opportunities to present or exchange ideas with a larger audience or in the context of expert workshops.

A few tips on how to make the most of the network:

  1. Know your ask – the more precise you know what you to ask, the better
  2. LinkedIn is your friend – research relevant contacts (and their peers) that might fit your asks
  3. Start small – of course, a paid POC would be ideal, however, the number of projects that Porsche is able to run with early-stage startups at a given time is limited; so consider other options of support first
  4. Think beyond luxury cars – sure, Porsche’s business is related to highly expensive sportscars, still, the brand has other facets too, that might be an interesting entry point (e.g. entrepreneurial spirit, sporty lifestyle, design, sustainability)

Last but not least, always a good idea is to simply talk to me. My explicit job is to give you, the APX portfolio companies, access to the Porsche network. So ask me!

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