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APX’s Portfolio Startups: Meet Powerplace


Nerdy, futuristic, and very scientific. This is how we would describe our startup Powerplace. Based on advanced data analytics, the two co-founders Florian and Patrice can estimate the real time demand for cabs at any point in time. To do so, they embed inter alia data from weather channels, facebook events, online sightseeing recommendations, and real time traffic news.

“Currently cab drivers spend on average 60-80% of their working time on searching for the next customer. This is totally inefficient. At the same time somebody is desperately looking for a cab and cannot find any” Although the startup is currently targeting cab companies specifically, Florian does not discard other possibilities and emphasizes that also companies such as car2go, public transportation companies, and even the German government can profit from their services. “Powerplace helps mobility providers to improve the availability and responsiveness of their service for their end consumers. Our long-term vision is to dispatch all mobility providers and private cars by 2020”.

So far their plan seems to work as they not only convinced the APX accelerator, but also the first cab company to work with them. Moreover, they won the “Mobility solution of the Year” Award in 2017 and more recently persuaded the renown Fraunhofer Institute to collaborate with them for a pilot project; the aim is to elaborate on their data technique.

In contrast to many other startups, Florian and Patrice have deep technological knowledge and do not need to hire an additional CTO. Both have their background in data analytics and have profound programming experience on which they can rely on for their company. At the same time, they are also aware of the business side and know exactly what it takes to convince people about their technology. In the regular pitch Tuesday sessions, they prove that they can successfully communicate complex technological content to potentially interested parties. Therefore, it is no big surprise that they have already won several times the best pitch award and the best idea award. We are sure that there is a great future for this young startup ahead!

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