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This will be a picture heavy post. While I was checking some of the photos for our new business cards I thought about sharing some of them with you and I just took some more pictures at our office.

Over the past weeks we rebuilt our office together with Daniel Dendra who usually does large projects all over the world. When we started APX in early 2018 we also decided to give our office an overhaul since we inherited it from Axel Springer Plug and Play. After five intense years with ASPnP, we had learned a lot about what kind of working environment we want, need, and what areas we need to provide a productive environment for our companies, as well as ourselves. We started with the first floor of the building. We have 2 more floors that will follow with different styles. As we like to spend our money on startups and not on fancy and expensive offices we tried to spend as little as possible building a great space.


Let’s go:

This is a view of the working area. As you can see, there are no walls. We ripped out the carpet on the whole floor and found the nice stone underneath it. The rest of the floor is open concrete that we sealed. The ceiling (that was a call center like sound muffling ceiling), we “pixelated” by taking out panels in order to still have some sound proofing and a wilder look.

There are some things that we did not touch. For example, the painted door at the women’s restroom that was done by an artist who used our office as a workshop before we moved in.

This is a lamp in our APX meeting room. Cheap and quite bright. Brightness can be adjusted by adding even more bulbs!

We named all our meeting rooms after airports. The APX meeting room is named after the Arapongas Airport in Brazil, it just so happened that the airport shares the same letters as us! We put satellite image inspired runway graphs onto the doors

Details in the APX meeting room. We used velcro tape for all remote controls and we put TVs with Chromecasts in all meeting rooms.

We have built a soundproof door for our APX meeting room so that we can finally have confidential meetings without everyone listening to everything! 🙂 … The door looks a bit funny though.

Details on one of the office walls. There is iron powder mixed into the paint so that you can use magnets to attach things to the walls.

Porsche gave us some things for our office; some furnitures and objects and some really cool rims.

Since we are true optimists, we have named one of our meeting rooms BER. So far, everything in there is working. We had some issues with getting the table made though.

Details of the lighting structure in the BER Meeting Room.

Details of the lighting structure in the BER Meeting Room.

We obviously also built a Meeting room with some references to Axel Springer and Bild. We called it JFK.

One wall is covered with Bild title pages.

The lightboxes are built from leftover lamps from the ceiling. Upcycling at it’s best.

We use the transport boxes from Porsche as counters and room dividers. And yes, there is our guest wifi code in the picture.

The entrance to our office with some details: Plants, the grid, the floor lines (they build and apex.)

The side of the APX Arena.

A view of our staircase. We have to have better pictures taken. I cannot do it justice. There are little details, like the car, all over the office

This is our staircase and it looks like it’s coming straight out of the 60s. Since it probably was, we did not change it. We just added a little bit of color and a quote from one of our founder’s fathers, Ferry Porsche: “I couldn’t find the sportscar I was dreaming of. So I decided to build it myself.”

This is the view from the staircase into our main room. We have built 2 new small meeting/working rooms inside of the arena. The left one is to make phone calls or to sit and think. The right one is a bit like a train compartment for 2 to 4 people to meet.

This is a the table from the right (small) meeting room. We could not resist but to build a Diorama. The little white people are everywhere in the office. I find new ones every day.

A diorama detail.

Some quotes have no source. And they actually do not need one. I think Daniel needed to have this on the wall.

The gong has a fixed home now; and still, everyone still come when you hit it.

We built a lounge with some of the furniture Porsche gave us.

This is our kitchen. Before we had our Logo designed, we told everyone that the random letters we bought is  our logo.

A detail in our kitchen. Revival of the Dia.

These are our coffee machines. They are brewing good drip coffee since 5 years. They are not as loud as an espresso machine so in an open working space, everyone can work in peace.

This is the door of the mens restroom. The pushcart inside it is to wash your hands. It’s the funniest and one of the most stylish men’s room I now.

We finally have found a cheap solution to make use of my cell phone collection. A third is on display. 🤓

@Saeed, check it out: I have a Danger Sidekick!

We have lots of plants in our office now. It is a minor thing but I think it has major impact on our climate and air quality.

Our unicorn has found a very nice home. The apple is the switch.

This is the APX Arena; the most important space in our office. This is where we have ‘lots of our meetings, pitch sessions, and visits.

This is the entrance to our office. If you are around, make sure to come by. Almost every Tuesdays, we have our weekly pitch session at 5pm. A great opportunity to come and meet us, see the startups we have invested in, and get an idea of how we work. Please register here.

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