“Am I doing the right thing?”​ The eternal question of a founder.



Am I doing the right thing? Is this idea worth pursuing? Will I ever get funding? What will users think of the design? Are investors going to be put off by the fact I’m essentially a walking tattoo? What do CEOs even do? What if this works and I’ve dramatically altered the plan I had in place for my life since I was 8 years old?

These are a few of the hundreds of questions I asked myself when we started amplify. Don’t get me wrong, I love my startup – I fucking love it. But it’s a daily learning curve, and it’s not always easy.


Not only are we stepping out of our comfort zone, but we also live in a world that makes it harder for certain founder groups (people who identify as female or minorities) to believe they could get funding. Well, I call bullshit on this, if you want to start a startup, then you should do it, and one of the best ways of succeeding is by having a supportive and strong network.


Every time I came across a topic with amplify that I needed mentoring and guidance around there was always someone in my APX network to help. Whether it was my colleague Sonja teaching me about legal structures, my boss Joerg just listening to me whenever my brain was in overdrive, or one of the APX mentors Anna Rojahn explaining fundraising and financial terms to me – there was always someone to turn to (and still is).


This got me thinking, why do I get to be so privileged? Just because I work somewhere awesome? That’s not how we’re going to find the great founders of tomorrow. That’s why we created “formation by APX” the 14-week free workshop series for people who identify as female or as a minority who want to be a founder one day.


Here’s what you need to know…


💸 It’s free, it’s on Mondays (starting on July 15th) and will run until October 21st.


✊ It’s for people who identify as female or as a minority.


⏰ It’s at APX in Berlin, after work at 6:30 pm.


👩‍💻👨‍💻We’ve got some of the best people in our network to come and give workshops for the 10 selected attendees weekly (topics below).


💛 You get an APX team member as your mentor (apologies in advance if you get me 🤷‍♀️).


🤔 All you need is an idea, that’s it. It can still be in your head. Our aim is to take your idea and help you turn into a startup by the end of the 14-weeks.


🎥 You get to pitch to APX on October 21st.


👉 You can apply in the link below by June 29th, we’ll then pick 10 people to join the series (https://formationbyapx.typeform.com/to/ayxuPT).


🦹🏿‍♀️ The name and workshop titles are all Beyoncé songs because she’s a bad-ass businesswoman.


✨Apply! ✨https://formationbyapx.typeform.com/to/ayxuPT

✨Apply! ✨https://formationbyapx.typeform.com/to/ayxuPT

✨Apply! ✨https://formationbyapx.typeform.com/to/ayxuPT


The "formation" course.

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