Bào Hà
Having accompanied many startups in the past, we know how important it is for founders to pitch effectively in front of many people. Luckily, our pitch trainer, Ole Tillmann knows this too and gives his very best to train our startups for their big day.


Drawing on American storytelling and Russian acting, Ole has not only prepared employees of big companies for their public speeches, but has also moderated major business events himself. For almost four years now, he has also became an inherent part of accelerator programs and has turned into a trusted partner with his company: “Peak Berlin”.


In the course of the 100 days program, our startups benefit from Ole’s knowledge by participating in weekly sessions. These sessions are key for preparing them to be optimal on their big day when they pitch their ideas to potential investors. Thanks to his vast experience in the start-up environment, he knows exactly what investors are looking for:


“The most important thing is to be well prepared and to always know your target audience’s needs. Only once you achieve this understanding, then you can communicate your message
in a receiver-friendly way.”


Ole is convinced that in order to effectively communicate their business models, founders need to engage in a “staged performance” during which they need to present a holistic story supported by a respective body language and clear pronunciation. He believes that such a rigorous training truly benefits the founders and prepares them not only for the final pitch day within the accelerator program, but also for their future in general as they learn skills that enable them to perform on every international stage in the world.


Until now, his success proves him right: More than 100 start-ups have already participated in the training sessions in the course of their 100 day program with our sister company Axel Springer Plug and Play and at least 50% of them received a follow-on investment.


We agree with Ole that pitching is a science per se that needs to be learned and developed continuously. That is why we expanded his training sessions from a one day class to regular workshops and made them an important cornerstone for our overall program. Additionally, founders have the opportunity to book an individual session with the pitch expert to fine-tune both content and communication.


Indeed, our founders value the insights offered and are convinced that Ole’s training helped them tremendously to continuously improve their pitches. For instance, Micha from our start-up Streetkickers shared:
“It was both great fun and tremendously useful for us. I was excited about learning staged performance from a trained actor. We know that our pitch is one of the greatest assets right now and we need to improve continuously.”


We are thus looking forward to many more great pitches to come in the coming days. If you are curious about the quality of our startups’ pitches and how they improve over time, feel free to join our pitch Tuesday sessions, every Tuesdays at 5PM in our offices on Markgrafenstr. 12-14.