WHO are we?

At APX, we believe that a company’s strongest asset is the people behind it.

That’s why we invest in courage, diversity, fearlessness, and ambition, looking for those who are hungry to shake up the world. We empower startups and founding teams, helping them strive for global growth and industry disruption. Based in Berlin, APX is a joint venture between Axel Springer and Porsche, two best-in-class companies in their respective fields.

What Startups get

We invest more than just money. We give founding teams the tools and support they need to build traction and accelerate growth.

Global Network

We believe that real value lies in people – in your team, in our team, and in the people we know. We connect you with mentors, customers, investors, and potential new hires.

Immediate Start

The APX program has a rolling intake with no fixed start date. This means that we can start working together as soon as you need us – no waiting around. How does next Monday sound?

100-Day Program

That’s how long we need to coach founders, supporting them with marketing and financial plans, product development, further investment rounds, and more.

Stay Longer

Stick around a little longer! Continue to use our workspaces and infrastructure for three additional months after the original program has finished – we’ll cover the costs.

Financial Investment

Get pre-seed financing of €50,000 for 5% equity. 

Made in Berlin

Find us in Kreuzberg, where we have deskspace, meeting rooms, and a terrace for you to use. You’ll be working in a highly creative space alongside other startup founders.

Looking to accelerate your startup? Apply now!


Florian Grüning
Co-Founder and CEO

“Before we started the APX program, I thought the biggest value would be the invested dollar and free office space. It took just one day to realise that the biggest value is the APX team challenging us, bringing structure, and leveraging ideas with their contacts. The workshops provided are top quality and cannot be compared to any startup workshop I’ve attended through the university or other events.”

Jonas Vossler
Co-Founder and CEO

“APX quickly brought us up to speed with communicating our idea effectively to all kinds of stakeholders. Through coaching and daily practice opportunities, we were able to zoom in on our value proposition and present our story in a much more crisp way within just a few days.”


Applications are open! We’re looking for early-stage startups to join the 100-day APX program. They’ll get the tools, support, and investment they need to build traction and accelerate growth. 

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