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APX Portfolio Startups

The teams that we’ve invested in


Powerplace helps improve the availability and responsiveness of vehicles using an AI-dispatch system. By integrating multiple mobility providers, Powerplace enables a seamless mobility experience for passengers and end users alike.


Flowletics is the digital flow coach in your pocket. A training app for mental and emotional fitness, it harnesses the science of flow states to help people in stressful work environments become more productive and achieve peak performance.


Streetkickers is the ultimate soccer training app. It delivers professional soccer exercises and training plans to a young audience so that they have more fun and improve their skills.

Meet the Founders

Florian Grüning

Florian Grüning is the CEO at Powerplace. After studying in Sweden, Istanbul, and Berlin, he cofounded the NGO, bread and water. He then became a data scientist and project manager at an international management consultancy.

Patrice Billaut

Patrice Billaut has eight years’ experience in software engineering. He worked in startups like Crealytics and IAV before becoming the cofounder and CTO of Powerplace.

David Jacob

David Jacob is the cofounder and Head of Product Design at Flowletics, a training app for mental and emotional fitness. Prior to this, he cofounded Workeer, Europe’s largest online job board for refugees.

Recognised as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe in 2017, David also received an Innovation Award from the SPD and a prize for Successful Science Communication from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

David graduated from the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) with a degree in Communication Design in 2015.

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